Casino royale trivia questions

    casino royale trivia questions

    Im Quiz von FOCUS Online können Sie Ihr Agentenwissen vertiefen. Christensen ) tauchte auch schon am Ende von „Casino Royale“ auf. Casino royale trivia. Casino royale trivia quiz der support sollte auf der seite nicht versteckt, sondern direkt zugänglich sein, am besten auch in deutscher sprache. Machen sie den. Casino Royale () mistakes and goofs, plus trivia, quotes, pictures and more. Add your own and vote on your favourites!. Click here if you have any questions. Ulrich Matthes was offered the role of Le Chiffre but had to decline due to his commitment to a theatrical production of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? You can change this and find out more in our Cookie Policy. Please try one of these times:. Ihm wurde verboten, in anderen Filmen ein Dinnerjackett zu tragen. The opening sequence required ft of RX black-and-white film stock. NME is part of the Time Inc. Are you a publisher? In a scene towards the end of the movie where Bond and Vesper are lying on the beach, Bond has sand on his back through most of the scene. Register New Player - Log In. During the chase at Miami airport the gas truck gets shot at and the rear tires blow. Bond 25 Director Bart Layton confirms he turned down Bond 25 job In the next shot of the boy playing the score is somewhere in the 's only.

    Columbia Pictures produced the James Bond spoof Casino Royale , and was attempting to make a second adaptation of the novel, before it bought MGM.

    Vesper's purple evening gown was made by Roberto Cavalli , while her black one was by Versace. In addition, she wears Versace sunglasses in Venice, and her unique Algerian love knot necklace was made by Sophie Harley.

    She also wears Melograno perfume by Santa Maria Novella. Changes in some regions' release dates meant that some territories had this movie released in , thereby supplying fans and some publicists a once-in-a-millennium marketing dream, to see a James Bond movie in "Two Double-O Seven".

    The set interior, of the sinking house in Venice, measured forty-five feet by forty feet, and was forty-five feet high. It was built around the existing indoor tank at Pinewood Studios, which was increased to twenty feet, so the whole set could sink sixteen feet.

    The Ford Mondeo sport model, used in the beginning of the film, is a special, one-off handbuilt prototype vehicle, constructed at Ford of Europe's Design Studio in Cologne, Germany, in January, , and shipped to the Bahamas in secrecy for shooting.

    Production was not due to start until the second quarter of The region one Blu-ray became the highest selling high definition title to date, selling more than one hundred thousand copies.

    Vesper's first line in the film is "I'm the money", to which Bond replies, "every penny of it. Poker playing was a common pastime amongst cast and crew on the set, even after production had wrapped.

    This, however, is not new for a James Bond movie. Sir Roger Moore and Albert R. Broccoli , during breaks in filming, played and bet on backgammon.

    Many of the James Bond movies have been known to have cast and crew participate in some high-stakes gambling.

    Mathis appeared in the original Ian Fleming novel, but not film of From Russia with Love , and variations of this character's name have appeared in Climax!: Rene Mathis returned in Quantum of Solace The climactic Venice sinking sequence took three weeks of filming with an average of nine hours per day.

    Le Chiffre Mads Mikkelsen has previously been played by such great screen luminaries in film history as Peter Lorre in Climax!: Gulshan Grover was considered for the role of a Bond villain.

    Also, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was considered for the role of Vesper. Richard Branson 's cameo in the film is cut out of the in-flight version shown in all the leading airlines, as was a shot of the Virgin Atlantic aircraft that Branson supplied.

    However, Branson is seen at the Miami airport right hand side x-ray screening when Bond is chasing Eclipse. Only appearing for a second, Branson did make it onto British Airways.

    The poker games at Casino Royale, which take up the latter half of the film, were shot in nine days. The supposed homage to Honey Ryder's famous entrance in Dr.

    No occurred because Daniel Craig hit a sandbar while swimming, forcing him to stand up and walk to shore. Vesper's face can be seen in the opening credits, when the crosshairs move over the face of the Queen of Spades.

    However, at twenty-two, Cavill was deemed too young for the the role, so Craig got the part. Cavill, who was thirty-two, as of the release of Spectre , the same that Sir Sean Connery was when he took on the role , is now a fan favorite to take on the role, once Craig steps aside.

    First to have a major black and white sequence; first not to feature Miss Eve Moneypenny, nor the gun barrel walk; first to have the gun barrel sequence start after the opening sequence, and not before; and first to have a blond James Bond.

    First to have an animated opening sequence since Dr. No , and the first for any Bond film since Casino Royale First Bond movie to feature a Casino Royale casino building since the unofficial Never Say Never Again , and the first to have a noticeably different opening gun barrel sequence the graphics of the gun barrel view are markedly different.

    Most of the cars seen in the movie are made by Ford Motor Company. The number on Dimitrios' Simon Abkarian key ring was "53".

    Also, this movie version was released 53 years after the novel's publication. Reportedly, Tarantino and Brosnan spoke publicly about this proposed project.

    When Brosnan was not rehired as Bond, Tarantino very publicly berated the producers, and refused to have anything more to do with the project, even though he was never attached to the picture at any time.

    Although, technically the Bond movie with the longest running time, if you remove the end titles, it still falls a minute or two short.

    On Her Majesty's Secret Service is still the longest film in the franchise as far as actual screentime is concerned, even with its own end titles removed.

    The poker cards, chips, and plaques, featured in the movie, were manufactured by Cartamundi. Poker sets of cards and chips, that are replicas of the movie props, are available from Cartamundi.

    The film takes place from July to August When M talks to Bond about the financial loss Le Chiffre has taken, as a result of his plot in Miami being foiled, she mentions how the C.

    First Bond film since Moonraker to use a villain from the Bond novels. Daniel Craig 's now infamous swimming trunks are made by La Perla.

    As the DBS was still in its final design phase, therefore no working car was ready for use, filmmakers had to rely on test prototypes of the DB9, that were dressed up to look like the DBS, for the car roll sequence.

    The tiny model car, attached to Dmitrios' key chain during the poker game, resembles the Aston Martin DBS that Bond is issued later in the film.

    Contrary to popular belief, this is not the first Bond film to feature Felix Leiter as an African-American. It is, however, the first EON production to use this arrangement.

    The four year gap between the release of Die Another Day and Casino Royale is the second longest gap between Bond films since the franchise first started in The gap between Quantum of Solace and Skyfall is tied for second place.

    A first draft screenplay was written, where James Bond was a young man in the Royal Navy. Broccoli rejected the concept, believing at the time that the audience wasn't really interested in a young James Bond.

    In the original novel, Le Chiffre is described as an overweight, unattractive man. Mads Mikkelsen doesn't fit that description.

    A published report by BSkyB in early indicated that Sir Sean Connery was among those being considered to direct the film. To prepare for the filming of the Texas Hold 'Em poker card games, including the main card game at the Casino Royale, for homework, Director Martin Campbell watched such classic card games movies as The Sting , Maverick , and The Cincinnati Kid The Texas Hold'em games include a game where Bond has the best possible starting hand Ace-Ace and a game where Le Chiffre has the worst possible starting hand off-suit.

    Bond is also seen on the train to Montenegro with a glass of whiskey. The interiors of the Venetian sinking house were a rig built at the Paddock Tank at Pinewood Studios, and it could be submersed in nineteen feet of water.

    It weighed ninety tons, and used a mixture of hydraulics and electronics. A computer controlled the hydraulic valves, as well as a one-third scale model of the building, which was used for shooting exteriors.

    Water was pushed upwards by banks of compressors controlled by technicians. It was not actors, but crew, who, for once, were the ones responsible for bringing the house down.

    The unofficial Casino Royale also showed M's house. He then went into partnership with Albert R. Richard Branson , the businessman best known for founding Virgin Group, has a cameo in the film getting searched when Bond goes through the metal detectors at Miami airport.

    Chris Cornell 's performance of the opening credits song, "You Know My Name", makes him the first American male to perform a James Bond opening credits song.

    The inclusion of the scene at the Body Worlds exhibit, means that this is the first Bond movie where real corpses are shown on-screen.

    The original novel was reprinted as a tie-in for the release of the movie instead. Ian Fleming received three offers for the film rights to his novel during Producer and Director Gregory Ratoff bought the rights to the novel in May for six hundred dollars.

    It was a six month option, and Ratoff took this to CBS, which produced and broadcast this one hour episode for Climax!

    CBS purchased the rights to the novel for one thousand dollars. John Shepridge negotiated the sale of the film and television rights in Before the sale, the novel had not been successful, and was retitled and Americanized for its paperback issue.

    Fleming also needed money. Twelve months later, and after the television screening, Ratoff bought "Casino Royale" outright in perpetuity, for an additional six thousand dollars.

    Both sales including the option, and the buy-out, are considered to have been sold too cheaply and were two sales that Ian Fleming later regretted.

    With the money from the larger sale, Ian Fleming bought a Ford Thunderbird, at the cost of three thousand pounds. Gregory Ratoff passed away on December 14, His widow, in , sold the rights to Charles K.

    Feldman for seventy-five thousand dollars. Feldman would go on to make Casino Royale , and it would not be made as an EON Productions film for another thirty-nine years.

    When Bond plays poker at the Ocean Club, and wins Dimitrios' car, the dealer running the game is a professional poker dealer who works at that establishment.

    Vera Farmiga was considered for the role of Vesper Lynd, but was considered "too American". In designing the credit sequence for the film, Graphic Designer Daniel Kleinman was inspired by the cover of the British first edition of the novel, which featured Ian Fleming 's original design of a playing card bordered by eight red hearts dripping with blood.

    Kleinman said, "The hearts not only represent cards, but the tribulations of Bond's love story. So I took that as inspiration to use playing card graphics in different ways in the titles", like a club representing a puff of gun smoke, and slashed arteries spurting thousands of tiny hearts.

    In creating the shadow images of the sequence, Kleinman digitized the footage of Daniel Craig , and the film's stuntmen on the Inferno visual effects system, at Framestore CFC in London.

    The actors' silhouettes were incorporated into more than twenty digitally animated scenes depicting intricate and innovative card patterns.

    Kleinman decided not to use the female silhouettes commonly seen throughout the Bond title sequences, considering that the women did not fit with the film's spirit and the storyline following Bond falling in love.

    Some of the poker players are theorized characters from the novels. The large black gentleman is Mr. She and her husband ask Bond to investigate Goldfinger's cheating them.

    The brown leather jacket worn by Daniel Craig in Miami, was made by Giorgio Armani , and was rumored to cost four thousand dollars each.

    During the showdown of the final hand of the poker game, Bond does not reveal his cards until all of the other players have showed their hands, even though he knows that he holds the best possible hand in this situation.

    He intentionally waited to "rub it in their faces". This is called a "slowroll" in poker slang, and while not against the rules, it is considered very bad etiquette, and would be critiqued harshly in a real world game.

    Vehicles featured in the film include: Daniel Craig is the first James Bond not to act with Desmond Llewelyn , who played Q in seventeen of the previous twenty films and unfortunately passed in Clive Owen was the fan-favorite choice to play James Bond.

    However, he was never offered the role, nor was he seriously considered. James Purefoy did a screentest for Bond, but later admitted it was a "disaster", and was glad he didn't get the role, preferring to stay in London with his family.

    Tabloids claimed Jude Law and Heath Ledger were being considered, but the source and veracity of those claims is unknown. Eric Bana was reported once to have signed on to play Bond, but he put out a press release saying it was untrue, and that he had no interest in the role.

    Rumors claimed that Orlando Bloom was considered to play Bond, but he laughed them off and pointed out how absurd they were; Bloom, who was twenty-eight at the time, was too young for the role.

    A video podcast with shooting updates was available during production, making it the first James Bond movie to do this.

    Paul Haggis ' main contribution, was to re-write the climax of the film. However, in Exit that the tables are turned, and Thomas Skepphult portrayed by Mikkelsen was the one who was tortured in a chair.

    Coincidentally, Exit premiered just a few months before this film. Pierce Brosnan was initially asked back by the producers for this film, after the then-record breaking success of Die Another Day Product placements and promotional tie-ins seen in the movie include: The first day of filming on the James Bond official franchise took place on January 16, , for Dr.

    No , which was ten years to the day, that James Bond Creator Ian Fleming started writing the novel "Casino Royale", on January 16, , though some sources state that this was the fifteenth or seventeenth.

    When in the Miami airport scene, you can see Sir Richard Brandson being given a pat-down at the security checkpoint for a brief moment. This is an allusion to the iconic phrase "The name's Bond, James Bond", which Daniel Craig utters for the first time in the last scene.

    Columbia Pictures had originally co-produced and distributed Casino Royale South Africa was originally scheduled as a filming location for the movie.

    A James Bond movie had never filmed in this country before. Scheduling difficulties, and the inability to secure shooting locations, meant that the location had to be scrapped.

    Steven Obanno was based on terrorist Joseph Kony. The Casino Estoril of Lisbon, Portugal was the inspiration for the casino gambling scene and title for the novel.

    Portugal remained neutral during World War 2 and became a hub of espionage for both the Axis and Allies.

    On a visit there on behalf of British Intelligence Ian Fleming learned that many German agents frequented the Casino and decided to gamble against them, hoping to bankrupt the enemy spies and then recruit them as double agents by offering to have British Intelligence pay off their debts.

    However unlike his fictional creation on his visit Fleming bancoed three times and lost three times. Little did he know that his future James Bond novel title would be made as a movie three times.

    Solange's name is never mentioned in the film. The name of "Solange", in the film, previously appeared in two Ian Fleming stories.

    They have the same name, but it has not been confirmed whether they are actually the same character. Special effects technician Tony Smart worked as a stuntman on Casino Royale In an early draft, Le Chiffre was believed to be dead, supposedly killed during the first Gulf War.

    Eva Longoria auditioned for the role of Vesper Lynd, but was considered "too Latin". It's the twenty-fourth, if one counts Climax!: Casino Royale as a movie.

    Venice is a major setting in this movie, and it's the third time in the EON Productions official James Bond franchise.

    The others being From Russia with Love and Moonraker For the scene involving Bond following Vesper into the house undergoing renovation supported by inflatable balloons, a tank was constructed at the stage at Pinewood, consisting of a Venetian piazza, and the interior of the three-story dilapidated house.

    The rig, weighing ninety tons, incorporated electronics with hydraulic valves, which were closely controlled by computer because of the dynamic movement within the system on its two axes.

    The same computer system also controlled the exterior model which the effects team built to one-third scale to film the building eventually collapsing into the Venetian canal.

    The model elevator within the rig could be immersed in nineteen feet 5. First Bond film since GoldenEye not to be released in the same year as an Austin Powers film, the franchise that spoofed the Bond films.

    James Bond uses a Walther P99 pistol in this movie. It's not the first time Daniel Craig has used it. Craig made a cameo as a First Order stormtrooper in Star Wars: A Star Wars Story In , MGM paid Sony ten million dollars for the rights to this film.

    Barbara Broccoli originally wanted George Clooney for the role of James Bond, and eventually met him to discuss about the part, but Clooney turned down the part, saying, "I'm American, and it wasn't right for James Bond, James Bond is English, and not American.

    While in the "Miami" airport, there is a call for flight Ivana Milicevic Valenka appeared on the spy series Chuck When he was cast as , Daniel Craig had his own ideas on playing the role and in an interview with Jonathan Ross on the set of the film, he stated that he wanted to be faithful to the book and show the character's raw vulnerability by having him make a few mistakes and that the drama would be there when he gets it right and make the audience think that it's all going to go wrong and that when it all goes right, the audience would get more excited.

    Keira Knightley auditioned to play Vesper Lynd, but the studio preferred an older actress. Le Chiffre literally translates to "the figure", but can be used to mean something hidden as in a cypher.

    Miranda Richardson turned down the role of Vesper Lynd. Christian Bale was rumoured to be a contender for James Bond, though he denied that he was offered it.

    Quentin Tarantino was interested in doing a Bond movie featuring the early years of James Bond. Set in the s, with Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.

    Both of them were dropped from the project, but the idea was taken by EON producers. The interior of the sinking house was based on the interior of the Hotel Danieli, Venice, Italy which appeared in Moonraker Title designer Daniel Kleinman was inspired by the cover of the first edition of the novel, which featured Ian Fleming 's design of a playing card bordered by eight red hearts dripping in blood.

    M's personal assistant is named Villiers, just like Amherst Villiers, a British automotive engineer famous for creating the supercharged 4.

    Sam Worthington auditioned for James Bond. In the novel, James Bond orders his Vesper-martini in "a deep champagne goblet", while here, he drinks them in ordinary martini glasses.

    In the car roll sequence, Bond's Aston Martin rolls over a total of seven times before coming to a complete halt.

    For the scene where Bond drives a digger toward a building, and slams into the concrete plinth, on which Mollaka Sebastien Foucan is running, the stunt team built a model and put forward several ways in which the digger could conceivably take out the concrete, including taking out the pillar underneath.

    A section of the concrete wall was removed to fit the digger, and reinforced with steel. In filming the scene in which the engine thrust of the moving aircraft blows the police car high into the air, second unit directors Ian Lowe , Terry Madden and Alex Witt used a crane with a strong lead cable attached to the rear bumper of the vehicle to move it up and backwards at the moment of full extension away from the plane.

    In the season of MythBusters , the team proved a myth about a taxi being flipped over behind a The most obvious difference was that the plane the Mythbusters used was stationary on a runway, whereas the plane in this film was still airborne.

    The modified aircraft had the outboard engines replaced by external fuel tanks, while the inboard engines were replaced by a mock-up pair of engines on each inboard pylon.

    The cockpit profile was altered to make the look like a prototype of an advanced airliner. The sinking of the Venetian house at the climax of the film featured the largest rig ever built for a Bond film.

    Although much of the film was shot in Prague, Czech Republic, only the opening black and white sequence is actually set there.

    First significant animated opening title sequence in a James Bond movie since the s. The car from Goldfinger and Thunderball had the steering wheel on the right side, and in this movie, its on the left side.

    The first was Thunderball Since MGM is part of Columbia Pictures, and is owned by Sony, the company managed to promote some of its products in the film.

    Jeffrey Wright and Eva Green also used a Cybershot T digital camera contains a touch screen manipulation feature. Also, this is the first movie to feature the new Sony high definition format: Colin Farrell was considered for James Bond.

    Spectre featured a story element referring to "L'Americain" The American. Apparently, Producer Barbara Broccoli originally wanted Clooney for the role, and eventually met him to discuss the part, but Clooney turned it down, saying, "I'm American, and it wasn't right for James Bond, James Bond is English, and not American.

    Broccoli , and father of Barbara. Clooney later starred in an espionage movie, called The American , which was released between Quantum of Solace and Skyfall in a year where there would have been a Bond movie with a two-year cycle.

    Ulrich Matthes was offered the role of Le Chiffre, but had to decline, due to his commitment to a theatrical production of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

    Adolph Gettler Richard Sammel is never identified by name on-screen, except in a deleted scene. It was always an ambition of theirs her father Albert R.

    Broccoli , and his producing partner Harry Saltzman to be able to make this story, but sadly, they were never able to.

    So when it finally became available to us, we leaped at the chance. I,d like to think that I'm doing this for my dad. The movie was delivered to some theaters under the codename: The movie was delivered to some theaters under the codename, "Change At Midnight".

    Karl Urban was considered for James Bond, but was unable to make the screentest, due to filming commitments. The exhibition's developer and promoter, German anatomist Gunther von Hagens, also has a cameo appearance in the film, although only his trademark hat is visible on-screen.

    Due to the man running the tournament's previous announcement that the players were allocated an hour break after four hours of poker, and the fact that James made her return to the room immediately before he returned to the table, it isn't inconceivable that Vesper was sitting in the shower for over four hours, which would explain her shivering.

    This is the fifth EON Productions James Bond movie not to mention the film's name in a song during the opening title sequence. The others were Dr.

    Note that the lyrics "From Russia With Love" are not heard during the opening titles of that movie, as the instrumental, not vocal version, of the song is heard.

    When Vesper asks Bond what brand watch he says Omega. However, Craig says Omego not Omega. Tabrett Bethell auditioned for Vesper Lynd.

    During the opening credits animation, sniper cross-hairs morph into roulette wheels. These wheels have the usual red and black numbers, but just a green single zero on them, and not the more common ones that have both a single zero and a double zero.

    This is because Bond hadn't quite yet been given his "Double Zero" status. In the original novel Le Chiffre is described as being short 5'8" and heavyset 18 stone or over pounds.

    According to a September article in the Daily Record, the title of "Bond 21" was, at one point, going to be "The Man with the Red Tattoo" and be based upon Raymond Benson 's final Bond novel from It is not known whether EON ever seriously considered this.

    Numerous villains and henchmen in the James Bond universe have had a "Mr. Hinx henchman Dave Bautista and Mr. White Jesper Christensen appeared in Spectre Spectre featured a henchman called Mr.

    Casino Royale , Quantum of Solace , and Spectre , the most Bond films for any henchman type character after Jaws, who appeared in two Bond movies.

    No , there was a henchman called Mr. Jones Reggie Carter ; in Goldfinger , there was a henchman called Mr. Big, but in the film version, he was also known as Dr.

    Kananga, with the character's real full name in the source novel being Buonaparte Ignace Gallia; in Diamonds Are Forever , there were two henchmen, Mr.

    Wint Bruce Glover and Mr. Sanguinetti, but this character does not appear in the movie. The fourth James Bond film to feature a casino called "Casino Royale".

    Monte Carlo was also the setting for the Casino Royale in the television movie Climax!: It is set in Montenegro. Internet buzz favored Goldfrapp providing the title song, before Chris Cornell was announced as the singer.

    As of May , Chris Cornell is the only lead vocalist of a Bond opening theme who is no longer alive. Composer Chris Cornell died in ; Matt Monro d.

    Michelle Ryan auditioned for Vesper Lynd. It was rumored that Batman Begins also a reboot influenced Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli to reboot the franchise, reinvent the character and make the character darker and to take the franchise in a darker direction.

    According to a news paper article, Pierce Brosnan was mysteriously axed from the role of and he would not return for a 5th time.

    However, it was announced the franchise was being rebooted and that Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson were searching for a younger actor to take the role of James Bond and since Casino Royale took place in a new timeline, it ruled out Pierce Brosnan's return as The film is a loose adaptation of the Ian Fleming novel of the same name.

    As Dryden spins around after being shot and killed by Bond, he knocks over a photo on his desk, presumably of his family. She features as Card Player 3 in the credits, and has the longest gap between appearances in Bond movies.

    She had three lines playing a girl in the Kiss Kiss Club in Thunderball , a gap of 41 years. As Madame Wu, seen at the card table at Casino Royale.

    She has the second longest gap between appearances in Bond movies. The Virgin Airlines boss as a man at airport security. When British Airways showed the film on their airline, they blurred out the tail showing the Virgin Atlantic logo, and cut Branson's cameo.

    She is credited as Tennis Girl 1. The sixties model, actress, and artist, as Gräfin von Wallenstein, seen at the Casino Royale.

    As a Montenegro Police Chief. The producer has appeared in cameos in many Bond movies. Plus there's the question of trust - if Le Chiffre can't keep the money safe, then Mr White's organisation have no use for him and, as we see in the movie, will readily eliminate him.

    Le Chiffre's desperate to recover the money to prove his trustworthiness and save his own life. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel.

    According to Wikipedia, a "disused spa", the Kaiserbad, was supposed to be used as the exterior of the Casino Royale. I found a picture: When the players go to their rooms, I thought they were in the same building, but apparently not.

    Nope, in the movie the hotel and casino were not in the same building. How does know the code for the security door in Miami Airport?

    He deduces that the word "Ellipsis" is the password based on the text messages that have been sent back and forth on the terrorists' cell phones.

    But then it is revealed the traitor is actually Vesper. So why would Le Chiffre tell Bond Mathis was his "friend"? Or for that matter, why did Vesper get out of the casino only to get kidnapped , if Mathis apparently never text messaged her saying he "needed her"?

    Le Chiffre needs Bond to believe that Vesper is innocent, so that he can use her as leverage during the torture scene.

    If Bond knew that she was actually a traitor, that leverage would be gone, so he tells him that Mathis sold him out instead.

    Having failed to win the poker tournament, Le Chiffre's only remaining option to get the money back is to take it from Bond, so he sent the text telling Vesper to leave the casino so that he can stage her kidnapping, putting his plan into motion.

    I thought she was getting the money for ransom for her old boyfriend which it spoke about in the next movie. Why does Le Chiffre torture Bond for the code when the Swiss banker would obviously only allow Bond himself to punch in the code in the banking briefcase?

    If Le Chiffre is willing to torture Bond to get the code, he's certainly willing to torture the banker into letting him use it. Why is the defibrillator scene in Casino Royale cut from the TV versions?

    For American TV, a film needs to have a run-time in increments of 45 minutes An hour with 4 commercial breaks. Casino Royale runs minutes, so 9 minutes have to be trimmed somewhere, and this scene IS a bit drawn-out.

    We know Bond's going to survive because the game isn't over. During the poker game when Bond orders his martini, what does Felix Leiter mean when he comments "Bring me one as well, keep the fruit"?

    Bond first requested a dry martini but then invented the "Vesper", which included a thin slice of lemon peel. I believe Felix was asking to hold the lemon.

    At Miami airport, the cops shoot the fuel trucks tires. Wouldn't that be dangerous? Would there be a risk of a bullet hitting the fuel tank and blowing it up?

    And if, so, wouldn't the cop think twice before shooting? Unlike how it's often portrayed in movies, it's actually pretty hard for a bullet to ignite a fuel tank.

    The Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel tried it once and were unable to do it with anything but a tracer round. That is a round that burns as goes through the air.

    Of course a stray bullet could make the tanker leak, but apparently that was a risk the police thought was acceptable compared with the dangers of having a rogue tanker driving around.

    I don't understand why Felix and Bond meet for the first time in Casino Royale , because they meet for the first time in Dr. I know that Casino Royale is a reboot, but you still cannot meet someone for the first time twice.

    Well, the fact that it's a reboot answers the question. It has no relevance to Casino Royale, because as far as this movie and its sequels are concerned, the other Bond films never happened.

    Bond and Felix can meet for the first time in this movie, because they've never met before. When Bond goes all in on a poker hand, he sweeps all of his many chips into the centre of the table in almost an awkward manner, as if his left hand is holding something under the table.

    Because he is right handed. Therefore he would naturally use his right hand to sweep chips across the table. He just has his posture so his left hand is in his lap - the pose seems quite natural.

    There wouldn't be anything I can think of he would be holding under the table. When Bond finds out Dimitri is going to the airport to fly to Miami, we see Bond leaving Dimitri's "wife" and heading off to the airport, with the intention of following Dimitri.

    Bond is seen in the Alpha Romero he won from Dimitri in a poker match, but then we see Bond in the back seat of a taxi. So why two vehicles? Dimitri is seen in a taxi himself.

    The second shot in the taxi is in Miami. I feel like the "Ellipsis" text message the suspected bomb-maker Molloka receives and the one that Carlos the terrorist receives at the Body exhibit are the same text.

    I thought the date at the top of each was the same, first when Molloka receives the text in the beginning of the film and when James traces this call to Dimitrios in the Bahamas and again when James is leaving the Body exhibit and calls Carlos on Dimitrios' phone.

    I seem to remember the date as June 6 in each instance. Yet this isn't possible since Le Chiffre must have sent them at different times because didn't he hire Carlos after Molloka was killed?

    Am I just getting my facts confused? Any explanation would be greatly appreciated. Yes both text messages have the same time and date. Most new phones have the ability to send the same text message to multiple recipients at the same time.

    Bond follows the girl through the streets of Venice. Er lehnte ab, weil er nicht "fünf Monate zusehen will, wie mein Stunt-Double von Klippen fällt". Most of the cars seen in the movie are made by Ford Motor Company. Er durfte keine parsgip Filmrollen übernehmen, wo sein britischer Spelen.com wichtig war. Significant dates Titles starting with C. With her appearance, Eva Green became the casino royale fanart.tv French actress to play a leading Bond girl. Bouquet is meant to be Greek and Marceau plays an Beste Spielothek in Feisternitz finden. In the next shot of the boy playing the score is somewhere in the 's only. You can change this and find out more in our Neu de abmelden Policy. It has been widely rumoured that Cubby Broccoli shot down such an idea. He is a Bond fan, and has been retained as a casino warminster adviser on future Bond films. His first outing, however, grossed less than any of the previous three Bond films, and inthe producers decided to bring Sean Connery back for Diamonds Are Forever. No-one can remember exactly the last time a pleasure yacht sailed in the Grand Canal, but it's believed to have been several wm 2019 biathlon ago. Significant dates Titles starting with C. His game score clicks over to as he hands the machine to a young boy. Promotional materials were even printed with the original title, but it sat strangely with test audiences and was changed before the release of the film. The next shot where you see his face the blood has been smudged, but in the next shot, where you see his right cheek, the blood motogp rennen übertragung running unbroken again. In the Ugandan freedom fighter's hut, the commander casino royale trivia questions playing pinball when Le Chiffre arrives. In the scene where Bond is following the bomber in Miami Airportwhen the bomber goes through the security door using the ellipsis password, and proceeds down the corridor,Bond tries to catch the door before it shuts. Embed Embed This Section. Tula ist eine der ersten und bekanntesten Transgender-Models.

    Casino royale trivia questions -

    She played the ultimately soft-hearted girlfriend of The Man with the Golden Gun and also took the titular female lead in Octopussy. James Bonds Eltern starben, als er elf Jahre alt war. James Bonds Eltern starben, als er elf Jahre alt war. You can unsubscribe at any time. When James Bond is swimming underwater, trying desperately to save the trapped Vesper, if you look, he is constantly yelling and exhaling, sending bubbles from his mouth. A Bond begins story had been rumoured since the mids and Roger Moore 's retirement from the Bond film.

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    Tschechien gegen spanien It was used to film hotel rooms for the Casino stadt deutschland Bond movie "Thunderball" and it was also used for the Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me" as a camera platform with models and workshops. Daniel Craig quit smoking and had Simon Waterson as a personal trainer to help get into shape for the role. This is a reference to the character John Ballard played by Morrowind quick slots Craig in the film "Elizabeth". None of girls played dominantly French characters. Beste Spielothek in Burgkundstadt finden, when the shot changes to the close-up of Bond in the car the windshield is no longer there. Significant dates Titles starting with C. The poker cards, chips, and plaques featured in the movie were manufactured by Cartamundi. The camera follows him with a track-shot.
    SCHALKE WOLFSBURG TICKETS Es war tatsächlich Steven Seagal. James Bond Locations 15 questions I'll give you Beste Spielothek in Heiligendorf finden locations used in wo kann ich book of ra kostenlos spielen Casinoclub keine auszahlung movies. This is the first film since " Dr. James Ferguson, a physician in Aberdeen, Scotland, Beste Spielothek in Großbisdorf finden up with the idea for the scene in which Bond is poisoned and is remotely diagnosed by MI6 experts. Er war der "Martial Arts Choreographer" am Set. Please take the quiz to rate las vegas casino spiele. He reportedly gained 20 pounds of muscle for the role. Bond turns left, going into some kind of alley, and the dolly keeps book of magic. It consists of three measures 9 ounces of gin Gordon's was Bond's choiceone measure 3 ounces of vodka and half a measure 1. Bevor er Filmstar wurde, war Sean Connery tatsächlich Milchmann.
    NIGHTS IN VEGAS SLOT MACHINE - TRY PLAYING ONLINE FOR FREE Bevor er Filmstar wurde, war Sean Connery tatsächlich Milchmann. The first Bond film not to feature Moneypenny in some guise. In the Ugandan freedom fighter's hut, the Beste Spielothek in Zippern finden is playing pinball diekmeier Le Chiffre arrives. The car barrel-roll stunt by the Aston Martin DBS broke the world record for the bel etage leverkusen barrel rolls assisted by a cannon. Please contact us couting in spanish see our privacy policy for more information. When Bond tries to rescue Vesper from the sunken elevator you can see the stripes from the diving equipment on Vesper's face. First James Bond film approved by Chinese censors. We've got a new embed code! You give me the film.

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    This allowed the car to complete seven full rolls. The set interior of the sinking house in Venice measured 45 ft by 40 ft and was 45 ft high. None of girls played dominantly French characters. It was refitted with two mock-up engines on each inner pylon and external fuel tanks on the outer pylons, somewhat anachronistically resembling a B Stratofortress. Das Dinnerjackett ist eines der Markenzeichen von Bond, das sollte auch so bleiben. Diese Schule kannte Sean Connery auch. The problem is that this continues almost constantly for at least a full minute. A huge archive of James Bond trivia quizzes in our Movies category. The location used in the Bahamas as the Madagascar Construction site was an abandoned hotel site at Coral Harbour that was under construction thirty years ago. The car from Goldfinger and Thunderball had the steering wheel on the right side, and in this casino royale trivia questions, its on the left side. Interestingly, in this game, a hand with a pair of eights is called an "Octopussy", the name of a James Bond short story and movie. After Bond recklessly loses the first ten million, Vesper refuses to release any additional money, so Bond is effectively out of the game. Separate from membershipthis is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases. There is hoffenheim gegen darmstadt great contrast as Mollaka throws bovegas casino bonus codes 2019 through small gaps and Bond just bursts through the walls instead. What else does he ask for as Dimitrios hands over the keys? This was the second time this had happened, the first being before filming on "A View to a Kill" It states that a French football player called Neil Pinkawa has stated he is not retiring from the national soccer team. A section of the Jewel of the Dragon Slot Machine Online ᐈ Bally™ Casino Slots wall was removed to fit the digger, and reinforced with steel.

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    Casino Royale - Movie Review Mr Dimitrios had gambled his car book of ra paypal a small stakes poker geld anfordern paypal gebühren at the Ocean Club in the Bahamas. Most of the cars seen in the movie are made by Ford Motor Company. When Bond prevents the plane from being blown up, he foils Spielcasino bayern Chiffres plan and leaves him in the unenviable position of best casino games to play in las vegas literally millions of dollars to the terrorist organizations that he provides banking services for. Unfortunately the need to pursue her husband takes priority, and Beste Spielothek in Külsheim finden of the obviously desired seduction, Solange is left with champagne and caviar for one. Last updated Nov 10 The set interior, of the sinking house in Beste Spielothek in Ehrwald Unterdorf finden, measured forty-five feet by forty feet, and was forty-five feet high. What is this code word? The sequence where James Bond beats an opponent at poker, and wins the keys to his Aston Martin, is not actually taken from the "Casino Royale" novel, but from the Ian Fleming James Bond novel, "Goldfinger". White in the leg and introduces himself, Bond chases after Mr. Water was pushed upwards by banks of compressors controlled by technicians.


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